About Us

On The Run Coffee Shop is a quaint breakfast and lunch destination located in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut in the small town of Lakeville. The shop has been open for over thirty years, but the current owner, Brenda Sprague, has owned it for a little over fifteen years and has staffed her business with a close knit of family and friends. Whether you're looking for a quick breakfast and coffee to go or if you are looking to sit down and enjoy the company of the locals that dine-in daily, this place is great for both. The walls of the coffee shop are lined with humorous little sayings and pictures that reflect the fun natured personalities of the girls working behind the counter. The shop thrives on the consistent customer base of the daily regulars who are now considered friends of the girls rather than customers.


They offer a variety of breakfast foods including donuts, pastries, muffins, bagels and a fine variety of coffee and tea items. They are open for a lunchtime as well if you are looking to grab a quick sandwich to go on your lunch break, with the offer of a daily lunch special and soup of the day. Whether you are a new customer or someone who has been part of On The Run family for years you can always expect the warm hospitality and fine service that the staff offers along with a good cup of coffee.